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Why Visit Dominical & Uvita in Costa Rica?

"Catching a glimpse of the gigantic humpback whales breaching out of the water is a rare but memorable sight!"

Dominical and Uvita are located further south down the Pacific Coast from the Manuel Antonio area. Dominical is a sleepy surfer village with dirt roads where locals and a small expat community spend their days hanging in a hammock and surfing. Further south there are the beaches of Uvita and Bahia which have a similar, low key vibe. The area’s main draw, however, is the Marino Ballena National Park where humpback whales can be seen in season. For the perfect Costa Rica adventure holiday there is also snorkelling, fishing, trips to the Nauyaca waterfalls, horse riding, golf, quad bike tours and many other adventure options available.

Map of Dominical & Uvita in Costa Rica

When is the Best Time to Visit Dominical & Uvita in Costa Rica?

If you want to see the Humpback whales there are two seasons. The first season is mid July to late October where the whales that have migrated from the Antarctic arrive in Marino Ballena, and a shorter season from mid December to mid February when the whales that have migrated from Alaska arrive. The best time we recommend to go for the highest chance of seeing whales is September or October, although there is more rainfall in these months.

What are the Highlights of Dominical & Uvita, Costa Rica?

Beyond the whales, which are the area’s main draw, there are many other activities available and different beaches to explore.
destination costa rica dominical uvita whales
Whale Watching
destination costa rica dominical uvita laid back
destination costa rica dominical uvita horses
Horse Riding
destination costa rica dominical uvita beaches
★ Horse ride along the wide empty beach of Bahía

★ Go whale watching in season at the Marino Ballena National Park

★ Explore the sleepy local village of Uvita and nearby beach

★ Surf the infamous waves at Dominical

★ Check out the whales tail shaped beach near Uvita

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