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Why Visit San Gerardo De Dota in Costa Rica?

"Visit the Los Quetzales national park in search of the Resplendent Quetzal, one of the most beautiful birds in the world."

The small mountain town of San Gerardo de Dota is a much quieter and lesser visited area of Costa Rica. This sleepy town is set in a valley among the Talamanca mountains with the crystal clear Savegre river running through. It is very unlike any other destination you will visit in Costa Rica. At over 2000 metres above sea level, the higher altitude means fresh mountain air and cooler temperatures. Although this area is not as widely known among regular tourists, it is very popular with bird watchers who come from all over the world to see the Resplendent Quetzal. This magnificent bird can be spotted here year round in the nearby Quetzales National Park. There are also a number of other high altitude species not found anywhere else in the country. Besides bird watching on this wonderful Costa Rica wildlife tour package we also recommend this area for a dose of peace and tranquility in an untouched setting.

Map of San Gerardo De Dota in Costa Rica

When is the Best Time to Visit San Gerardo De Dota in Costa Rica?

San Gerardo de Dota is located in the mountains at over 2000 metres above sea level in altitude. The climate there is damp and cool with the average temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.

The first half of the year between December and April is the best time to go as it will be the driest. Please bear in mind, however, that it can rain all year round. From May onward the rainfall increases with the wettest months being September until November.

Quetzals can be seen year round here, but the best time is during April and May which is their breeding season.
costa rica san gerado de dota climate chart

What are the Highlights of San Gerardo De Dota, Costa Rica?

Go hiking and bird watching in the national park, or simply just relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in this tranquil part of Costa Rica.
destination costa rica san gerardo de dota scenery
National Park
destination costa rica san gerardo de dota quetzal
destination costa rica san gerardo de dota coffee
Coffee Tasting
destination costa rica san gerardo de dota cloud forest
Cloud Forest
★ Search for the Quetzal in the Los Quetzales national park

★ Try your hand at fishing for trout in the Savegre river

★ Take on Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica’s highest mountain

★ Complete an adventurous hike to the top of Cerro de la Muerte

★ Taste some of Costa Rica’s finest coffee at a nearby estate

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