Costa Rica in November: Where to Go and What to Do

November is the month where Costa Rica is approaching the end of its rainy season, prices remain low and crowds minimal. 

Costa Rica is notable for its many different microclimates, meaning there is somewhere within the country flourishing at all times of the year.

November sees a pleasant mixture of thriving, lush forests of green thanks to the rainy season and enticing conditions for thrill-seekers chasing adventure. It is peak season for visiting the active Arenal Volcano and unique festivals are a significant part of the month. 

Here is our guide for the best ways to experience Costa Rica during November.


Costa Rica has a varied climate throughout, though due to its proximity to the equator temperatures are fairly consistent. The biggest variety comes in the rainy and dry seasons of different areas. 

Generally speaking, November is the final month of Costa Rica’s rainy season. Rainfall can be heavy at this time of year, though not to the extent of September and October. The Caribbean coastal areas are coming into their rainy season at this time and Monteverde can experience stronger winds than at other times of year. 

However, if you prepare well and embrace the rain that does come, then November can be an incredible time to visit. You can still anticipate plenty of glorious sunshine, with rains often later in the day or through the night and temperatures as satisfying as any time in the year.

rain-frog hanging on

Events and Festivals

Costa Rica, along with other Latin American countries, celebrates Día de los Muertos on November 2nd. This moving day is a celebration of the deceased and sees people visit the graves of loved ones to decorate them with flowers and candles.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores makes use of Costa Rica’s varied terrain with its unique, 250-mile, 3-day mountain bike race from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast. It is considered one of the toughest, but most beautiful courses in the world.

El Desfile de Carretas is an oxcart festival with the opportunity to experience Costa Rican street parties, food and drink, particularly in the major cities such as San José. With the event only held twice a year, visiting in November ensures you won’t have to miss out!

Oxcart Wheel Costa Rican Festival

Best Things to See and Do

Head to Arenal Volcano for stunning scenery and a mind-blowing history lesson, followed by paddleboarding on the lake that covers the old town or canyoning in nearby La Fortuna. 

To make the most of the rich greenery at this time of year, check out La Paz waterfall and indulge in its surroundings while marvelling at the power and beauty of nature.

For a more relaxed time, visit one of the many natural hot springs around the country or a wildlife rehabilitation centre where you can hear about the awesome and inspiring work local people are doing.

Turtle tours departing each night are available during November in the Central Pacific region. You can hope to catch a glimpse of nesting hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles here.

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Take the plunge!

Miss the crowds, pack smart and you can have an incredible journey through the Central American gem of Costa Rica in November. Sun, sea and scenery are abundantly available, with action-packed activities or relaxing retreats available all over to tweak and personalise your dream vacation. Contact The Latin America Travel Company and speak with our travel experts today to start planning your September getaway to Costa Rica.


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