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Could These Celebs Afford to Save The Planet?

How celebrity earnings could solve some of the world's biggest problems

How much does it take to solve some problems?

Here at The Latin America Travel Company exploring and appreciating the world around us is at the heart of everything we do. We are fortunate to have experienced first-hand so much beauty and wonder in the world, but in the modern day it is impossible to watch television, browse the internet or read a newspaper without being very aware of some of the major issues facing our wonderful planet.

From social crises to environmental threats and serious diseases, our people, wildlife and environment face many obstacles which it would appear are too huge for us to really tackle.

With headlines quoting figures such as $30 billion per year to end world hunger and $20 billion to eradicate homelessness in the US, it can feel that there is no way to solve these issues facing our world. But with these figures in mind we wondered, how much would it really take to save our planet and could anyone afford to do so?

We got to crunching the numbers, analysing the salaries and net worth of some of the richest people in the world and measuring these against the costs of solving some of the biggest threats to our planet and society. And the results were interesting.

While of course we don’t propose any of the individuals included in our findings should donate their entire salaries or net worth to helping these causes – and of course many celebrities do make large contributions to society – these calculations do provide a thought-provoking insight into how the money in our world is being utilised.

It is clear that some of these notable figures could make huge differences to many of the biggest issues in our world, for example less than half of Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth would end world hunger while Drake could afford to cure malaria with 10 years’ salary.

These figures suggest that these notable people could certainly afford to help save our planet, but are they responsible to do so?

Have a look at our findings below and decide for yourself.
Could These Celebs Afford to Save The Planet?

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